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Transworld International offers individuals, companies, associations and organizations a wide range of relocation services. Contact us and we’ll be happy to tailor you the kind of relocation service solution that best meets your needs.

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Relocation services at departure

Once you have decided to relocate, you want to concentrate onto your new challenge abroad. However, before you can leave and build your new future, there are still some issues to be arranged, even more than you think. This can be highly disturbing, as often your new job requires that you travel as soon as possible, while there is still some unfinished business to attend to on the job you are leaving. For the company, it is also of the highest importance that its expat does not have to spent time on these issues. HR managers are aware that the effectiveness of relocating an expat to a branch abroad depends highly on how the transferee can prepare and focus on his/her transfer and new assignment.

Transworld International provides a whole range of relocation services, making sure all will be arranged for your departure.