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Transworld International extends a very high and fully professional level of moving services at competitive prices everywhere in the world.

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Office move

Dynamic companies are companies who invest, either in people or in automatization, or mostly in both. This means that they will be changing size, and will need either more or less office space. You will then need a partner that understands how to minimize the disruption of the move and return your office to normal operation as fast as possible. Transworld International has an established reputation in the field of office moves.

Whether you need an all inclusive and total removal of your offices or you just need a few movers to do a small internal office move, Transworld International offers the right solution for you at competitive rates.

Transworld International has all the equipment, manpower, experience and knowledge to organize every office move in the most efficient way. Leave your office on Friday evening and find all your furniture and equipment set up and ready to use on Monday morning in your new premises. Our flexibility allows us to perform your office move whenever you want, even after office hours or during the weekends.

A dedicated project coordinator will be appointed from the very start. He will be in contact with your HR and project manager on a very regular basis, arranging one or more pre-move meetings to determine the specific needs of each department. He will make up a detailed project plan, in coordination with third parties, such as your IT-provider. This project plan will allow you and your employees to prepare the office move in a stressless and efficient way. He will also provide you with a detailed cost plan, allowing you to control the budget for the office move at each time.

Each desk, box, PC, etc. will be labelled, if possible in accordance with the general layout plan of the new offices, to ensure that every item will be placed on the right spot. This allows your employees to have a quick and smooth start in their new offices instead of your employees having to lose time from the first day in their new offices having to search for their office equipment or for their files. We know by experience that there is nothing as demotivating for office personnel as this.

All desks, closets and other furniture will be carefully disassembled and re-assembled on the new office place, and, if necessary old or damaged furniture will be thrown away or repaired if possible.

We are aware that it is of utmost importance to ensure that the offices are left in a good condition. There is nothing as annoying as having to leave your old offices with disputes about damages to the building, or having to notice that your new, freshly painted offices have been damaged from the start. This is why, at both origin and destination sites, exposed areas such as lifts and routing wall corners have to be cleared and protected. We have all protection materials that are required to protect the office building in a sufficient way.

We also offer companies a storage service for archives, and assistance in selling or disposing of old furniture or office equipment.

Please feel free to contact us for a free removal quote.